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by onkeikun.

TRACK 01: Chapter 01
HARUKI: Kazuki!
KAZUKI: Ahh maybe this is what it means for a body to break down
HARUKI: Kazuki! The blood It wont stop!
KAZUKI: Instead of feeling pain, I just felt hot. Instead of feeling scared, my mind was a complete blank. Does this mean its Game Over for me?
HARUKI: Im begging you, hang in there!
KAZUKI: My body is so typical
HARUKI: Kazuki!!

[There is the sound of crashing glass in the background.]


[Scenery: At the arcade center. There is a large crowd murmuring in awe as they surround one of the games.]

FEMALE ONLOOKER #1: Hey, did I hear right? That guy there is already in lead over 30 previous records in his one-on-one?
FEMALE ONLOOKER #2: Wow, hes killing all of the enemies on sight
FEMALE ONLOOKER #1: Could he be
FEMALE ONLOOKER #1: Dont you know? Theres this story of an incredible gamer who extended a game for ten hours with a single token and killed 350,000 people. His name is always number one in the rankings. If I remember right, his name was
MALE ONLOOKER #1: Thats King.
MALE ONLOOKER #2: Thats really him?
MALE ONLOOKER #3: Whoa, I thought he was just an urban legend!
FEMALE ONLOOKER #1: King? Really?

[The murmuring of the crowd grows louder.]

YUKI: Hey, cut it out, Kazuki! Lunch break will be over soon!
YUKI: [dryly] Yeah, yeah, you win again. Now are you satisfied? [sighs] Lets get going. If I dont get you back in time, itll be me that Haruki focuses all of his anger on and I do not
GAME VOICE: Next Challenger Entry!
KAZUKI: We cant go yet, my next challenger just stepped up.
YUKI: Then retire!!
KAZUKI: Dont be stupid, Yuki, thats rude to my opponent. Besides, I aint running away. A true king uses his whole body, soul, and crushing power to slaughter his enemies down to the last marrow!
YUKI: [in frustration, but to no avail] Goddamn it, Kazuki!


[At the Student Council Room in Seitohkoh Academy. HARUKI is typing away at a computer.]

STUDENT: School President Koutake.
HARUKI: What is it?
STUDENT: Weve received word that Kazuki Naruse, along with Yuki Shirakawa, are at the game center in front of the train station.

[HARUKI stops typing and sighs.]

HARUKI: Thats a problem. I had asked them to pick up a few important things for our lunch
Student: Ive sent a few men to bring them back, just in case.
HARUKI: I see. I can only hope thats all it will take for him to return here obediently


[Back at the arcades. A few tough-looking male students walk up to KAZUKI, who is still playing his game.]

STUDENT: Are you Seitohkoh Academy freshman, Kazuki Naruse?
YUKI: Geh, three guys from the karate club are here to pick up Kazuki this time
STUDENT: Weve been ordered to bring you back. Stop playing your game at once.
KAZUKI: Wait, I have to concentrate. This guy whos fighting me right now is really strong.
STUDENT: Listen to what we say!

[The karate student makes a grab for KAZUKI.]

KAZUKI: Get off me!

[KAZUKI flips the student around so that he falls back against the other two.]

KAZUKI: [scoffs] You guys arent strong enough to beat me.
Student: You little!

[All three karate students lunge towards KAZUKI, and fighting ensues.]

YUKI: [gasps] Kazuki lost
KAZUKI: Haa?! No, I didnt.
YUKI: NNo, not that, I meant your game!

[KAZUKI looks towards the game screen]

GAME VOICE: You Lose! Challenger Wins!

[KAZUKI screams and the plastic gun is tossed to the ground.]

KAZUKI: All right, so the karate guys might have had me preoccupied there, but even with that, this is just impossible! Im going to see who the guy is!
YUKI: Hey, Kazuki!

[KAZUKI walks over to the other side of the arcade game.]

KAZUKI: Huh? Theres no one there. The entry name is Sion?
YUKI: Sion?
KAZUKI: Holy shit, its that name!
YUKI: What are you talking about?
KAZUKI: Remember what I told you last time? About someone beating my record?!
YUKI: Record? Uh for which game?
KAZUKI: All of them! All of the games that I ranked first place in were beaten, one by one, by this Sion guy with purposeful intent!
YUKI: That cant be!

[KAZUKI starts stalking away.]

KAZUKI: [through grit teeth] Every single one I came across, it was always Sion, Sion, Sion, Sion! Hes got guts to try to one up the King!
HARUKI: Kazuki.

[KAZUKI halts.]

KAZUKI: Haruki.

[New whispers ripple through the crowd still surrounding them at the mention of his name.]

HARUKI: You promised to be back at the school by now.
HARUKI: Yuki, did you manage to buy what Ive asked you to?
YUKI: [nervously] OOf course! I had them cover it with an ice pack just in case, so I think it should still be all right

[YUKI trails off.]

YUKI: And by the way, I was the one who kept saying we should hurry back to school, but Kazuki refused to
KAZUKI: Hey, stupid Yuki, you cant just blame all of this on me!
YUKI: Oh, yes, I can, because, you see all of this? Its your fault!
KAZUKI: You were wrong for choosing to pass by the arcades, so this is your fault, too!
YUKI: Haa?!
HARUKI: Quiet! Ill hear what you have to say later.
FEMALE ONLOOKER #1: Wow that boy silenced the invincible King just like that!
FEMALE ONLOOKER #2: Ive heard of this. Theres only one person in the world that not even King can win against: the other King who shares the same face as he does.
HARUKI: Come on now, lets get back to school.
KAZUKI/YUKI: [obediently] Yes, sir.




[At the Student Council Room.]

KAZUKI: One, two, three

[Both KAZUKI and HARUKI blow out the birthday cake candles. YUKI starts clapping.]

YUKI: Yay! Happy birthday, you two!
KAZUKI: Happy birthday to you.
HARUKI: And to you, as well.
KAZUKI: So, with that said and done lets eat!
YUKI: Lets eat!
HARUKI: Go right ahead.

[YUKI and KAZUKI start chowing.]

YUKI: [in between bites of cake] In any case I know we do this every year, but it still feels weird whenever we celebrate today.
KAZUKI: [with his mouth full] Huh? What do you mean?
YUKI: Well, first of all, theres your looks. You two look way too similar. I feel like Im looking at mirror images while I sit here, eating cake
HARUKI: [sighs] Not this again. I feel like a broken record saying this, but were not related in any way whatsoever. Besides, youve known us since elementary school, Yuki.
KAZUKI: Yknow? Our last names and personalities are different, and when it comes to brains, well
YUKI: But its still totally weird! Its not just your looks, but you even share the same birthday on November 11th! Being unrelated despite all of that doesnt make any sense!
KAZUKI: [interrupts] This is so good!! Whered you find this cake?!
HARUKI: One of my friends is a patisserie, so I had it custom made for today. But never mind that, what kind of present would you like?
KAZUKI: A new video game. How about you?
HARUKI: [muses] I dont need anything. You can just help me out again whenever the basketball club and kendo club have their next inter-school match.
KAZUKI: Huh? Are you sure? But I do that all the time anyway.
HARUKI: Our schools sports record is one of the best thanks to you, Kazuki.
KAZUKI: [grins] Thats great then.
YUKI: Hey Are you guys listening to me?

[The sound of a snowstorm increases outside the window.]

KAZUKI: Whoa, I think were getting even more snow out there.
HARUKI: From what Ive heard on the news, Tokyos the only place getting hit with this snow and its going to be the greatest amount of snowfall ever recorded for the month of November.
YUKI: So you mean this is abnormal weather for the season.
KAZUKI: [smirks] Looks more to me like God is giving me and Haruki some excessive service because its our birthday.

[KAZUKI reaches for more cake, which gives off a mushy sound.]

KAZUKI: Uh whats wrong with the cake? The cream is already dripping down.
HARUKI: Youre right
YUKI: Its melting Speaking of which, doesnt it feel a little hot in here?

[The sound of a heater on full blast can be heard.]

HARUKI: It is rather warm

[HARUKI stands up to check on the AC/heating system.]

HARUKI: Its over 40ºC. [104ºF]
YUKI: They didnt have to boost the heat this high just because of the heavy snow

[HARUKI presses a button on the AC/heating system, but it gives no response.]

HARUKI: Huh maybe its broken. Ill call the faculty and see what happened.

[HARUKI picks up the phone.]

TRACK 02: Chapter 02
[There is the sound of a ticking clock, which is immediately engulfed by the sound of loud bell chimes.]

YUKI: Whats with the bell? Is that broken, too?
KAZUKI: Ive got a bad feeling about this

[The sound of an announcement chime is heard on the SPEAKERS. An unknown woman's voice speaks.]

SPEAKER: Attention all faculty members and students of this school. Please exit the school building immediately.

KAZUKI: Whats this about?

SPEAKER: I repeat. All faculty members and students of this school, please exit the school building immediately. You have three hours and counting.

[The ending chime rings as the voice goes off the broadcast system.]

HARUKI: What was that announcement about?
YUKI: Maybe its an emergency fire drill?
HARUKI: But the teachers never told me wed have one today.
KAZUKI: Yeah. Besides, if this was a fire drill, theyd say so. Why would they make the announcement in such a weird way

[Static filters through the broadcast system, to be replaced by the sound of church choir.]

KAZUKI: Whats this song?
YUKI: This is hymnal music


[In a different classroom. The music can be heard throughout the entire school.]

FEMALE STUDENT #1: Whats that?
MALE STUDENT #1: This is a hymn, right?
MALE STUDENT #2: Why is it being played through the broadcast?
FEMALE STUDENT #2: Its kind of creepy

[A cracking sound that gradually grows stronger is heard. All of the students break into screams.]


[Back in the Student Council Room, HARUKI is calling the faculty room as the hymn continues to play. No one will pick up on the other end.]

HARUKI: This is odd.

[Hanging up, HARUKI tries again. Without any success, he slams the receiver back down.]

KAZUKI: No one answering?
HARUKI: Yeah. No matter where I call within the school, no one will pick up. First theres that strange announcement, and then this hymnal music Just what in the world is going on?
YUKI: How about if we go to the faculty room ourselves?

[YUKI heads towards the door and opens it. Someone is waiting outside.]

Student: Kill.

[Just as the student attacks, KAZUKI intercepts.]

YUKI: KKazuki!
KAZUKI: A wooden chair cant really hold against a metal bat but

[KAZUKI strains against the weight.]

KAZUKI: Do you seriously think you can beat me?

[KAZUKI pushes forward and the student flies back. HARUKI rushes forward.]

HARUKI: Kazuki!
KAZUKI: [panics] UUh, what I just did right now was in legitimate self-defense! Right, Yuki?
YUKI: RRight, that guy was the one who attacked us first!

YUKI: TThere were more of them coming after us?

[Sounds of violence can be heard in the hallway. KAZUKI peeks through the door window.]

KAZUKI: Its not just happening here. Looks like people throughout the entire school are trying to kill each other!
HARUKI: I should call the faculty no, the police!

[HARUKI starts punching buttons on his cell phone, but then he realizes...]

HARUKI: My phone wont connect
YUKI: Lets use the windows to get out of here!

[YUKI rushes towards the windows and tries to fling them open.]

YUKI: HHuh they wont open!

[YUKI continues to struggle, but the frame still refuses to budge.]

YUKI: Its no use why?!
HARUKI: [muttering] This abnormally high room temperature Phone lines that wont connect And those blank-eyed stares of the other students Just what the hell is going on?

[The banging against the closed door becomes frantic as the students on the other side try to push through.]

HARUKI: In any case, were not safe here. Lets barge out of the room at the same time, catch them off guard. The two of you, find some place off school grounds where you can stay hidden.
KAZUKI: What about you, Haruki?
HARUKI: Im going to the broadcasting room. I have to instruct the other students and teachers to get to safety.
KAZUKI: Then Ill go with you. I cant leave you to do this alone.
YUKI: Kazuki!
KAZUKI: What do you say, Yuki?
YUKI: AAll right, Ill come with you!
HARUKI: You guys
KAZUKI: And besides

[KAZUKI picks up the fallen metal bat and faces the door.]

KAZUKI: This looks much more interesting.

[Opening the door, KAZUKI rushes out and begins to attack the other students.]

YUKI: Haruki!

[YUKI and HARUKI run out of the room, following KAZUKI.]

TRACK 03: Chapter 03
[The announcement chime rings as the hymnal music continues to play and the students continue to kill each other.]

SPEAKER: You have two and a half hours and counting.

[KAZUKI, HARUKI, and YUKI rush through the halls, when a female student intercepts them.]


[KAZUKI hits her aside while HARUKI brings down another. All three are breathing heavily.]

HARUKI: Theres no end to them
YUKI: Yeah
KAZUKI: Any case its too hot!
YUKI: You can say that again I feel like this place is getting warmer
HARUKI: Kazuki
KAZUKI: Dont worry, I can still go a long way.

YUKI: Lets go, quick, were almost to the broadcasting room!

[All three of them run.]


[At the broadcasting room. No one is inside when they open the door.]

YUKI: Theres a tape playing

[The sound of the announcement chime is heard over the hymn.]

SPEAKER: You have two hours and counting.

HARUKI: So this is the tape thats been announcing the time we have left
KAZUKI: Haruki, look!

[KAZUKI points to something on the desk where the tape player stands.]


[Looking up the CD case, HARUKI reads the title.]

HARUKI thinking: Hymn No. 320 Nearer, my God, to Thee What an unlucky-sounding BGM title

[Picking up the case, HARUKI notices something resting behind it.]

KAZUKI: Whats that?
HARUKI: Its shaped like a cross. Is this a key?

[There is sudden banging on the door.]

YUKI: Theyve caught up to us!
HARUKI: Hold the door!
KAZUKI: Right!
YUKI: Gotcha!

[HARUKI switches on the mic while KAZUKI and YUKI try to hold back the onslaught.]

HARUKI: Attention all students. This is your school president, Koutake. All students who are still normal, for your safety, please escape from the school as quickly as you can and call for help. I repeat

[The door is broken down, and YUKI gives a terrified wail.]

KAZUKI: Im more than enough to take on the whole lot of you!

[KAZUKI begins his attack.]

YUKI: Kazuki!

[Unhappily, YUKI joins KAZUKI in the fray.]

HARUKI: Kazuki! Yuki!
KAZUKI: Haruki, keep up your announcement while we fend them off!


[KAZUKI and YUKI run through the hallways as HARUKI's voice can be heard through the speakers.]

HARUKI: I repeat once more. All students who are still normal, for your safety, please escape from the school as quickly as you can and call for help!
KAZUKI: I see more enemies approaching from the front! They keep on coming one after another, its freaking awesome!
YUKI: Dont be so recklessly happy about this!
KAZUKI: You moron, how can I not be happy about this?

[KAZUKI knocks a male student aside.]

KAZUKI: This is just like the video games Im always playing. All I have to do is completely slaughter the enemies in front of me before I can move forward. Since Ive got two hours left

[Another student goes down.]

KAZUKI: I wonder if I can kill around two to three hundred people.

KAZUKI: Ill get the highest record youll ever see!

[KAZUKI and YUKI fend off some more students. During a lull, YUKI looks worriedly at KAZUKI's slumped form.]

YUKI: Kazuki, are you okay?

[KAZUKI doesn't answer, although he is panting.]

YUKI: Kazuki?
KAZUKI: Shut up! Im telling you, Im fine!

KAZUKI: Its hot I feel like theres magma bubbling inside of my body

[Behind his consciousness, YUKI shouts.]

YUKI: Kazuki! Look out!

[A student manages to whack at KAZUKI.]

YUKI: Kazuki!

[YUKI rushes to KAZUKI's side.]

YUKI: Kazuki! Kazuki!!

[KAZUKI coughs. The student goes in for the finishing blow, and YUKI turns to shield his friend. There's the sound of something hitting the ground, and the student falls to the floor.]

YUKI: Thats Harukis cell phone

[HARUKI rushes up to them.]

HARUKI: Are the two of you okay?!

[HARUKI sees KAZUKI's condition and kneels over him.]

HARUKI: Kazuki!
KAZUKI: [faintly] Haruki? Its hot Tired
HARUKI: Just as I feared This is why I told you not to be so reckless! We have to get him out of here before it gets worse!
HARUKI: The temperature in this school is too hot for him! Yuki, help me get Kazuki on my back!
YUKI: OOkay! But Haruki, what about your cell?
HARUKI: Just leave it, it wont work in here anyway! Hurry!

[With KAZUKI on HARUKI's back, the two of them start to run through the hallways.]

YUKI: Haruki, Kazuki is
HARUKI: I know. He gets affected by the heat. As soon as the temperature reaches over 40ºC, wherever he is, he falls ill. Whats more, since hes been rampaging around without rest, the collective heat and energy hes spent has made him even sicker.
YUKI: BBut he was fine whenever he helped out the sports clubs
HARUKI: I only ask for his help with the indoor club activities where he can avoid the heat of the sun.
KAZUKI: [grunts] Stop telling him everything It makes me sound like a weak child
HARUKI: [smiles] Theres no point in lying when its the truth.

[HARUKI stops in his tracks when he sees more zombie students looming in his path.]

HARUKI: Yuki! Youll have to fight!
YUKI: [quaking] II cant! Theres too many of them!
HARUKI: Then Ill just have to handle them myself
SION: Stay back.

[SION runs forward and easily disposes of the students while the other three watch him.]

YUKI: Who is that? Hes wearing a different-colored uniform Is he an upper-classman?

TRACK 04: Chapter 04
HARUKI: Who are you?
SION: A third-year student. My name is Sion Saiguuji.
YUKI: Eh? Isnt that the name from the game center?

[SION walks forward and touches KAZUKI's cheek.]


KAZUKI: Thats cold!

[KAZUKI shrinks back.]

SION: Unless his body temperature is lowered, he will suffer other dysfunctions.
HARUKI: How did you know?
KAZUKI: Thats him, I think
KAZUKI: Hes the guy that beat all of my records at the game center!
SION: Do you feel better now?
KAZUKI: Whats more, he just touched me! Thats sexual harrassment!!
HARUKI: Kazuki
YUKI: Hes not picking up the conversation at all
SION: Thank goodness At least now you have enough energy to get angry.
KAZUKI: Eh? [pauses] Now that you mention it I do feel a little better.
SION: If you let me touch you some more, I will be able to reduce your fever by 70 to 80%. What will you have me do?
KAZUKI: Huh? Who are you anyway?
SION: I am one of the players in this Game.
YUKI: By game, do you mean one from the game center?

[KAZUKI gets down from HARUKI's back and looks at SION.]

KAZUKI: You mean this entire situation that were in right now, right?

[Slowly, he begins to approach SION.]

KAZUKI: So does that mean you can use recovery spells or something?

[With passing consciousness, KAZUKI begins to fall into a faint.]

HARUKI: Kazuki!

[HARUKI moves forward, but SION grabs KAZUKI first.]

SION: Yes. But only on you.


KAZUKI: Its hot I feel sick And dizzy And thirsty

KAZUKI: My fever Its going down


HARUKI: Kazuki? Kazuki!

[KAZUKI opens his eyes.]

SION: Youve regained consciousness.

[Abruptly, KAZUKI takes one look at his situation and lets out a miserable wail before he scrambles away.]

HARUKI: Kazuki?
KAZUKI: Say it isnt so!
HARUKI: Whats wrong?!
KAZUKI: The first time I fall asleep with my head in someones lap, and its with a dude!! I cant have a wife anymore!!!

[KAZUKI continues to sob while YUKI fervently apologizes to SION.]

YUKI: I am so, so sorry for his rudeness!
HARUKI: Kazuki, Saiguuji-san not only found a refuge for us to hide in, but he also nursed you back to health. Make sure you thank him properly!

[KAZUKI pauses, confused.]

KAZUKI: Saiguuji?

[As if he just figured it out, KAZUKI points a finger at SION.]

KAZUKI: Oh! Sion!
SION: Now that it appears your fever has lowered, it is about time we went.
KAZUKI: Wait a second! You said earlier that you were a player in this Game, right? Does that mean you know the reason why this school has turned weird?
SION: I dont know all of the details. However, I do know the duty that I must fulfill.
SION: It is my duty to protect you.

[KAZUKI's mouth drops open.]

KAZUKI: No way That line was one of my Best 3 that I always wanted to say once in my life to my girlfriend and he just!!
HARUKI: [sighs] Kazuki
SION: You are an important player in this Game, whether you like it or not.
KAZUKI: Since this is a game, there has to be an ending, right? So how do we end this free-for-all academy game?
SION: We must escape outside.
HARUKI: And if we cant?
SION: Then I suppose we will die.
YUKI: Just like that?
HARUKI: Couldnt you give us a little more detail? If this really is a game, like you say, then who in the world could have started it? What about the other students and teachers?
SION: I will answer you if he allows it.
KAZUKI: Huh? By he you mean Me?!
SION: The only reason I exist here is for your sake.
KAZUKI: Haa?! Its just a question! You can go ahead and answer it!
SION: Is that an order?
KAZUKI: Fine, its an order!

[The announcement chimes.]

SPEAKER: You have eighty minutes and counting.

SION: It appears were running out of time. Well continue this conversation as we move.
KAZUKI: Hold it.

[KAZUKI picks up his bat.]

KAZUKI: I want you to make a simple confirmation for me before we go.

[Making a swing, he smirks as he asks...]

KAZUKI: If, at worst, I kill people inside the school in order to clear this game I wont get punished for that, would I?

[YUKI and HARUKI give him shocked looks.]

SION: No. You may do as you please.

[SION walks to the door and opens it.]

SION: However, the temperature within the rooms is as high as ever. Please do not forget that your health is not completely restored.


[The four rush through the zombie frenzy with renewed vigor, KAZUKI most of all.]

SION: The highest number of players possible in this game is six, including you and me.
KAZUKI: Then that means there are two people left.
SION: If you talk about the Game to outsiders or if a player dies during play, then its Game Over. Because of these rules, we cannot call for outside help.

[A male student rushes at SION, who easily skirts aside and snaps his hand neatly into many broken fragments.]

SION: Well It isnt as if cell phones will connect anyway.
KAZUKI: So Who is it that started this whole thing?
SION: You will find out soon enough.
KAZUKI: Hmph. Never mind then. As long as Im enjoying myself!

[KAZUKI rushes forward with a smile on his face. YUKI and HARUKI run behind KAZUKI and SION. HARUKI eyes his best friend with a worried expression.]

HARUKI: Kazuki


[The door to the faculty room opens, and the four step inside. YUKI surveys their surroundings with horror.]

YUKI: Even the faculty room This is terrible

[SION rummages through desks.]

KAZUKI: What are you looking for?
SION: Keys.
SION: If the purpose of this game is to escape outside, then there should be an exit somewhere. But that doesnt necessarily mean that it will be a normal exit.
SION: This school contains special classrooms that are kept locked when they are not in use, so as long as we do not have any idea where the exit may be, it would be good to have keys to wherever we go.
HARUKI: But even if we only searched the special classrooms, there are still thirty-seven of them all together. We cant randomly look through all of them without
KAZUKI: Theres no need for that. Listen to this hymn. If this really is a game, then there should be a meaning to everything that happens in here, right?
YUKI: Eh? Are you saying that this hymn thats been playing all this time is a hint?
KAZUKI: Its a possibility.

[A lock clicks.]

SION: Ive found them.

[The two keys jangle in his hands.]

SION: The keys to the music room and the worship room. Which would you like to go to?


[As all four run through the hallways...]

HARUKI: The music room is in the same direction as the worship room, but closer. It wouldnt hurt to check it out.
KAZUKI: Thats our school president for you! You know the location of everything in this huge school!
HARUKI: Kazuki.
HARUKI: [an internal flinch] No Never mind

[SION watches this exchange silently.]

SION: Were almost to the music room.

[All four of them slow down as they arrive before the door, catching their breaths. YUKI looks around nervously.]

YUKI: Say Doesnt this area look a bit too clean to you?
HARUKI: Come to think of it, I hadnt seen any bodies lying about in this hallway. Maybe none of the students went to the music room.
SION: Im opening the door.

[When the door swings open, there is a pause before all boys, except for SION, react in surprised horror.]

YUKI: Theyre all Theyre all sitting in their seats, dead

[YUKI turns to hold back the vomit rising in his throat.]

KAZUKI: Doesnt this room feel strangely hotter than the others?
SION: It appears as if this place was locked at the same time the Game began. From the appearance of the corpses, it doesnt look like they fought each other to death.
YUKI: Lets go. We wont find any hints in this room.

[HARUKI walks away from the room.]

HARUKI: There is one thing now that we do know. We still have no idea who did this but we can guess at what caused this school to turn weird.
KAZUKI: The cause?
HARUKI: Think back. The first thing that went wrong was when the schools heating system broke. The temperature rose past the 40ºC that even Kazuki is incapable of handling. Whats the temperature in this room?
KAZUKI: Um 52ºC. [125.6ºF]
HARUKI: Naturally, we have to conclude that because the environment was different, the results were also different.
YUKI: So youre saying that around 40ºC is enough to turn people insane, and when its past 50ºC, something inside of them makes them die?
HARUKI: Its not just the temperature at work here. Theres also this hymn thats been playing on and on. The acoustics of this room make it sound different.
KAZUKI: Then why are we still sane?
HARUKI: Maybe the piping for the heating system was constructed differently for just the Student Council Room.
YUKI: So we were saved purely on coincidence?
SION: There are no coincidences. Everything that happens here is for a purpose.
SION: All has occurred to preserve two important players from dying at the very beginning. The Game would have been unable to start if you had.
KAZUKI: Two players?
SION: The other player is Haruki Koutake.
HARUKI: [stiffens] Im also a player?
KAZUKI: [grins] Haruki is a player, too? Awesome!

[He wraps an arm over HARUKI's shoulder.]

KAZUKI: Lets make a mess of this school together, okay?

[HARUKI slaps him away.]

HARUKI: Of course we cant do that, you big idiot!!
KAZUKI: You dont have to get so mad
HARUKI: Turning peoples lives into a game and killing them is inexcusable!
HARUKI: Whats so great about hurting other people?!
KAZUKI: I dont know. I just think it seems fun
HARUKI: Are you serious? You feel pain when someone hits you, right? That goes the same for the other person!
KAZUKI: No, youre wrong. The other guys are the enemy in this game, you know? The enemy. Theyre different from us. And besides If we die, we can just reset the game.

[HARUKI lunges towards KAZUKI in anger.]

SION: That is enough.

[He throws HARUKI aside.]

KAZUKI: Haruki!

[KAZUKI turns to SION, enraged.]

KAZUKI: What the hell did you do that for?!
YUKI: Haruki! Are you okay?
KAZUKI: Haruki!

[KAZUKI kneels down besides HARUKI.]

KAZUKI: Are you okay? Youre not hurt, are you?
HARUKI: Dont touch me!

[KAZUKI looks at him in shock and hurt. The announcement chimes.]

SPEAKER: You have one hour and counting.

KAZUKI: Haruki

[HARUKI turns his face away.]

YUKI: UUhm Err
SION: Lets go.

[SION grabs KAZUKI's wrist.]

KAZUKI: Get your hands off me! This isnt the time for
SION: I cannot allow you to die here. We dont have the luxury of wasting time on petty fights.
KAZUKI: What gives you the right to call it a petty I said, let go!
YUKI: HHey, this isnt the time for us to be fighting!

TRACK 05: Chapter 05
[Music pierces the tense mood. YUKI laughs nervously.]

YUKI: SSorry, its the ring tone for my text messages! This is the theme song to Iron Masked Rider, doesnt it sound cool?

[YUKI's laughter fades as no one joins in.]

YUKI: What a stifling atmosphere

[As YUKI looks down at his cell, confusion makes his way across his face.]

YUKI: Huh, but what? I thought we werent able to get any reception in here.

[Pressing a button, the ringtone stops playing.]

YUKI: How was I able to get a text message?

[Browsing through his inbox, YUKI mades a surprised sound.]

KAZUKI: Yuki? Whats wrong?
YUKI: It says to give my phone to Haruki

[YUKI gives HARUKI his phone.]

HARUKI: For me?

[The cell phone rings in HARUKI's fingers. After a moment, HARUKI answers.]

HARUKI: Hello?
GARA: Haruki.
HARUKI: Who is this?
GARA: I miss you.
HARUKI: Huh? What are you talking about?
GARA: I want you to fight properly.
GARA: Whether you like it or not, you are

[The voice fades into the hymnals as HARUKI listens. When the line abruptly cuts off, HARUKI turns off the cell and drops the hand with it to his side.]

KAZUKI: Haruki?

[KAZUKI walks towards HARUKI, reaching a hand out to him.]

KAZUKI: Whats wrong? Who called

[As if just noticing KAZUKI's presence, HARUKI slaps his hand away.]


[HARUKI blinks, realizing what he's done. The two look at each other.]

HARUKI: Im sorry I I cant go with you.
HARUKI: Here. Hold onto this.

[HARUKI pulls something out of his uniform pocket and hands it out to KAZUKI.]

KAZUKI: Eh? This is
HARUKI: Yeah. The key we found in the broadcasting room. I dont know what its for But if, like you said, there is meaning to everything that happens here, then it might be useful for something.

[The key exchanges hands.]

HARUKI: Go on ahead.
KAZUKI: Haruki?
HARUKI: I now have something that I must check out first.

[KAZUKI grabs the sides of HARUKI's shoulders.]

KAZUKI: Why?! Its my fault, right? Ill fix everything thats wrong with me! Just dont leave me!
HARUKI: Kazuki

[SION comes from behind KAZUKI and grabs him.]

KAZUKI: Sion, what are you doing?!

[When SION starts to forcefully drag KAZUKI away, he turns back frantically to his friend.]

KAZUKI: Haruki! Sion! Let go of me, you idiot!! Haruki is going away!!
HARUKI: Saiguuji-san. I leave Kazuki in your care.
KAZUKI: Haruki!!
HARUKI: Kazuki. Ill catch up with you soon.

[HARUKI turns and walks away.]

KAZUKI: Haruki!! Damn it, let go of me! Haruki is Wait!! No! No No No!!

[The moment HARUKI disappears past the door, KAZUKI wilts.]

YUKI: Kazuki
KAZUKI: What do I do? Haruki left me Its all my fault Haruki


[HARUKI walks through the hallway, hymnal music playing as he keeps to his thoughts.]

GARA: [ I want you to fight... ]
HARUKI: I could never

[A zombie student appears from the shadows.]

Student: Kill
HARUKI: Oh, crap!

[Before the student can harm HARUKI, the student is attacked by an unknown entity and falls, spurting blood.]

GARA: Haruki. Ive missed you.


[Back to YUKI, KAZUKI and SION. KAZUKI has lost his willpower to fight, and walks aimelessly through the halls as SION takes over.]

YUKI: Kazuki

[KAZUKI does not respond.]

YUKI: Hey, Kazuki are you okay?
YUKI: Haruki will be back before you know it. Cheer up, okay?

[After taking care of the oncoming students, SION coolly walks to KAZUKI and lifts him up, tossing him over his shoulder.]

KAZUKI: WhWhat are you doing?! Put me down, you moron! Youre the reason why Haruki

[Announcement chime.]

SPEAKER: You have 40 minutes and counting.

SION: You will die if you keep at this pace.
SION: Although my duty obliges me to do so I am rather fed up with having to protect an unreasonable and selfish person like you.

[Kaching. KAZUKI pushes SION away.]

KAZUKI: Yuki, give me my bat!

[YUKI does so, bewildered.]

KAZUKI: Shut up, shut up, shut up! You seriously piss me off!! Its not as if I asked you to protect me anyway!
YUKI: Kazuki!
KAZUKI: So what if weve got 40 minutes left? Who the hell gives a shit?!

[Swinging his bat, KAZUKI cries...]

KAZUKI: I can get out of here easily without borrowing any of your help!

KAZUKI: Dont touch me anymore. I might end up killing you along with these other losers!
SION: Hmph. We shall see.

[The two of them rush foward.]

KAZUKI: Keep going forward Keep going forward and kill! Ill put an end to everything! This is all just a game!!!


KAZUKI: [panting] Weve reached the worship room
SION: Your body temperature has gone up again.

[SION reaches for KAZUKI, who feebly resists.]

KAZUKI: I told you not to touch me
SION: I cant obey that order.

[While SION cools him down, the announcement chimes.]

SPEAKER: You have 20 minutes and counting.

[As KAZUKI lays panting, SION holds out the key to YUKI.]

SION: Here is the key to the worship room.
YUKI: EH!? YYou want me to go?! Im really clumsy, you know?! I probably wont even be able to open the door the right way or or

[SION simply stares at him.]

YUKI: Fine

[Cringing, YUKI takes the key and places it in the lock. He swallows.]

YUKI: Please dont let there be a repeat of what we saw in the music room!

[Before he can open the door, they hear footsteps approaching them.]

KAZUKI: Haruki

[HARUKI stands before them. He is all smiles.]

HARUKI: Didnt I tell you? I told you I would catch up with you soon.
KAZUKI: Haruki

[KAZUKI reaches up and falls into HARUKI's arms.]

KAZUKI: Haruki!
HARUKI: Senpai. Thank you for your efforts.

[HARUKI gives SION a look, whose meaning SION alone understands and does not like. YUKI rushes towards the group.]

YUKI: Haruki! Thank goodness youre all right!
HARUKI: Yeah Im sorry for worrying you.
KAZUKI: Haruki
KAZUKI: I Im sorry

[KAZUKI clutches onto HARUKI.]

KAZUKI: Dont leave me anymore.
HARUKI: Of course not. Now, lets go inside the worship room. Our situation will be pretty desperate if we cant find the exit in here.

TRACK 06: Chapter 06
YUKI: You know no matter how many times I come here it feels scary
HARUKI: Kazuki. Do you still have the key that I gave you?
KAZUKI: Oh, yeah. Here.

[KAZUKI gives the key to HARUKI. HARUKI walks forward, holding the key out before him.]

HARUKI: Theyre the same.
HARUKI: This key looks just like that cross structure on the altar.
YUKI: Ah Youre right!
HARUKI: Lets search it. There should be something there that connects to the outside.

[KAZUKI and YUKI head towards the altar.]

HARUKI: Saiguuji-san. Youll help us, too, wont you?

YUKI: If I were a hole that this key could fit through, where would I be? Hmm I cant find anything particularly like that on this cross
KAZUKI: How about we give it a whack just to test things out? Maybe something hidden will pop out from it.

[KAZUKI gives the cross - with God lying upon it - a good, heartfelt bashing with his bat.]

YUKI: Dont do that, youll get punished!
YUKI: Well, this is God you just hit in the nadgers!
KAZUKI: God isnt the kind of narrow-minded guy wholl get mad just because I touched him a little, is he?
YUKI: First of all, hes not a guy

[KAZUKI lays his cheek against the cross structure.]

KAZUKI: Ahh this statue feels so cool
YUKI: Hey, no rubbing your cheek against God!

[HARUKI chuckles.]

HARUKI: Oh, nothing I was just thinking that, even in this life-and-death situation, youre still the same as always
HARUKI: If only things could stay like this forever

[Announcement chime.]

SPEAKER: You have ten minutes and counting.

YUKI: Crap! Hey, did you find anything?!
KAZUKI: [lazily] Nope.
YUKI: Why are you acting so carefree about this?! We might end up dying here!!
KAZUKI: [considers] Well, yeah, but Its not like Ive died before. I dont know how scary death feels like.
YUKI: Huh?! What kind of logic is that?!

[SION steps forward.]

SION: Give me the key.

[The other three turn to him look at him sharply.]

SION: Ive found a keyhole. Its at the foot of this statue.
HARUKI: Kazuki.
KAZUKI: Here you go.

[KAZUKI tosses SION the key. SION grabs it and turns the lock. Instantly, the hymn music becomes louder.]

KAZUKI: Whats going on?! The volume of the hymn music just suddenly got louder!

[Outside of the hallway, the remaining students who are still fighting collapse as they die from sudden internal bleeding.]

HARUKI: This music is

[There is a new sound mixed into the hymn.]

HARUKI: The statue is cracking!

[As the statue loses its support, it falls over. With it the hymn stops as instantly as it had begun.]

KAZUKI: What the hell? Isnt that?!

[KAZUKI slowly walks towards the fallen cross.]

KAZUKI: Theres a live heart inside the statue

[Announcement chime.]

SPEAKER: You have seven minutes and counting.

YUKI: DDid an exit show itself or something?!
KAZUKI: Nothing in this room has changed much.
YUKI: Are you serious?!
KAZUKI: Im serious!
HARUKI: Which must mean that this isnt over yet. Theres still something that were missing Something

[KAZUKI raises his head at the sound of new footsteps. GARA is walking towards them.]

KAZUKI: Whos that? Another enemy weve gotta beat?
SION: [urgently] Please, stay back.
KAZUKI: Whats wrong, Sion?
GARA: I wont wait any longer.

[SION runs forward and attacks GARA. The two are on equal level in terms of abilities.]

KAZUKI: Whats this? What the hell is happening now?
YUKI: Why are Saiguuji-san and that man fighting?

[Announcement chime.]

SPEAKER: You have 5 minutes and counting.


[KAZUKI picks up his bat.]

KAZUKI: I dont know whats going on, but he looks strong to me!

[KAZUKI rushes in to join SION.]

HARUKI: Kazuki!!

[KAZUKI aims his bat at GARA and makes a hit.]

KAZUKI: I win! No, he stopped it with his hands
GARA: Kazuki
KAZUKI: How does he know my name?!
SION: You!

[SION punches at GARA, but is blocked.]

GARA: Kazuki. I know everything about you.

[With a swift motion of GARA's arm, both SION and KAZUKI are flung away. The two hit the floor.]

HARUKI: Kazuki!
YUKI: Saiguuji-san!

[The two run towards them. KAZUKI is struggling to get up as GARA walks towards him.]

KAZUKI: Damn it
HARUKI: Kazuki!
HARUKI: Stop! Dont!

[GARA stands before KAZUKI's prone form and raises a knife in his hand.]

YUKI: A knife!

[GARA plunges the knife into KAZUKI's chest. He laughs.]

KAZUKI: This guy looks just like Sion?
HARUKI: Kazuki!
YUKI: Kazuki!

[GARA pulls the knife out and KAZUKI coughs up blood. HARUKI pushes GARA aside, causing him to drop the knife.]


[HARUKI leans over KAZUKI.]

HARUKI: Kazuki! Kazuki!!

[Announcement chimes. GARA walks towards the fallen statue with KAZUKI's blood dripping on his hands.]

SPEAKER: You have 3 minutes and counting.

GARA: There isnt enough which leaves me no other choice
HARUKI: Kazuki!!
GARA: This blood

[With his bloody hand, GARA reaches for the beating heart inside the statue. SION appears from behind to take him down, but not before GARA's hand smears the heart with KAZUKI's blood. With it, KAZUKI's heart begins to beat once more and the glass windows of the room shatter. A helicopter is seen flying overhead.]

YUKI: The outside We can finally get outside!

[Announcement chime]

SPEAKER: You have two minutes and counting.

HARUKI: Kazuki Can you hear me? We can leave this place. Im sure youll be saved.

[SION arrives to pick up KAZUKI into his arms.]

SION: I will be taking him.
HARUKI: Take care of him.

[HARUKI stands up, then turns to walk away. KAZUKI looks at his retreating form through bleary eyes.]

KAZUKI: Haruki
HARUKI: Ill catch up with you later.
KAZUKI: No Dont leave me.

TRACK 07: Chapter 0.5
[The theme song for Iron Masked Rider plays on YUKI's cell phone. It awakens an obviously sleeping YUKI.]

YUKI: [yawns] Hello?
YUKI: Kazuki. What do you want? Its the middle of the night.
KAZUKI: The middle of the night? You idiot, its still midnight!
YUKI: Midnight is the time when all good kids are sleeping.
KAZUKI: Stop yawning and snap out of it, stupid Yuki! You just cant miss this awesome moment!
YUKI: Awesome? What the heck are you talking about?
KAZUKI: Take a look outside.
YUKI: Outside?

[YUKI opens his curtains.]

YUKI: Ah Whoa!
YUKI: Thats a lot of snow When did it start snowing this much?!
KAZUKI: Anyway, we hardly ever get a chance like this, so lets go!
YUKI: Huh?
KAZUKI: Get to my house within the next 15 minutes, got it? See ya!

[KAZUKI hangs up the phone. YUKI stares at the receiver.]

YUKI: 15 minutes from now? Oh, man

[YUKI pops out of bed.]


[YUKI sneezes as he stands before KAZUKI's front door, shivering.]

KAZUKI: Whoa, nice, Yuki! You made it here in 14 minutes! I have a better opinion of you now.
YUKI: Thats not something Im happy to be complimented about Also, did I mention that youre crazy for getting me out of bed in the middle of the night, especially when theres this much snow falling? I happened to be enjoying my sleep in my nice, toasty bed, you know!
KAZUKI: Oh, shut up. Youve come this far, so quit squealing like an indignant pig.
YUKI: TThat is annoying when it comes from you. Anyway, whats that large paper bag for?
KAZUKI: This thing? Oh, its going to be used for later.
YUKI: Used?
KAZUKI: Never mind, never mind. Cmon, lets get going.
YUKI: But where?
KAZUKI: Youll see.

[KAZUKI starts walking.]

KAZUKI: Hurry up!
YUKI: Hey, wait up!



[KAZUKI sighs.]

YUKI: Hey, listening?
YUKI: You know I have a feeling this road were taking is awfully familiar
KAZUKI: Of course you would.

[KAZUKI stops walking.]

KAZUKI: Well, here we are!
YUKI: I knew it! We were walking towards school!
KAZUKI: Right.

[YUKI sighs.]

YUKI: Dont tell me you woke me up just so you could pick up something youd left behind in school.
KAZUKI: Dont be a moron! I dont own anything thats worth coming back to school for if I left it there.
YUKI: [smirks] Oh yeah, thats right. Youve never even taken your textbooks back home with you. Thats why you keep getting low grades.
KAZUKI: [enthusiastically] Yeah! Yeah, yeah, yeah [stops to actually think about it] Wait, that was low.
YUKI: Hey, youre the one who started it.
KAZUKI: Anyway, I came here for that! Look!
YUKI: Hm? Hey, theres one lit room in the school building. Is that?


[HARUKI is tapping away on the computer before he stops and stretches.]

HARUKI: Im finally done Oh, its already midnight Hmm?

[Noticing the weather, HARUKI gets up from his chair to look outside.]

HARUKI: Snow? When did it start snowing this much?

[KAZUKI bursts into the room.]

KAZUKI: Worked hard today, eh? Lets go home now, Haruki!
HARUKI: Kazuki!
YUKI: Youre willing to stay behind this late to fulfill your obligations as student president? You work yourself too hard.
HARUKI: Youre here, too, Yuki? Whats brought you guys here?
KAZUKI: We came to pick you up, of course! Your family called mine pretty late at night and asked where you were because you hadnt come back home yet.
HARUKI: Oh I got caught up making documents, so I forgot to call them ahead of time.
KAZUKI: Dont worry. I told them youre not the kind of guy who goes out to party at night and that you were most likely lurking somewhere in the school. They know I came here to check on you.
HARUKI: Well then, thank you very much for your thoughtfulness.
KAZUKI: So. Here.

[KAZUKI hands HARUKI the paper bag.]

HARUKI: Whats this?
KAZUKI: Youd never be able to go back home without these.

[HARUKI browses through the bag.]

YUKI: A coat, a scarf, hat, gloves, thick woolly socks, a sweater, and you even prepared a waist warmer?!
KAZUKI: Well, Haruki cant stand the cold, right, Haruki?
KAZUKI: It was warm and sunny earlier in the afternoon, so I thought I should at least bring this much or else well never get him outside.
YUKI: Well, maybe thats true, but this seems a bit too much

[HARUKI puts everything on.]

HARUKI: Wow when I put these on, the layer of my clothes is about five centimeters wide.
KAZUKI: Youre right.
YUKI: Wowww and youre going to wear everything?!
HARUKI: Already wearing it.
KAZUKI: But of course. Haruki falls ill when the temperature gets too cold.
HARUKI: Hey, dont tell him, Kazuki. It makes me sound like a weak child.
KAZUKI: Theres no point in lying when its the truth.


YUKI: Hey, the snowfalls eased up a lot.
HARUKI: Its pretty deep.
KAZUKI: Yessss! Total whiteness!

[KAZUKI runs forward.]

YUKI: Wha Kazuki!

[KAZUKI plops onto the snow.]

KAZUKI: The ground is like a fluffy bed!
YUKI: Oh, honestly. Just because you like the cold doesnt mean you get to run around and act like a child instead of fifteen!

[A snowball hits YUKI's face.]

YUKI: That was cold Goddamn it, Kazuki!
KAZUKI: Im sixteen now, stupid Yuki!
YUKI: Huh?
HARUKI: Oh, right. Its past midnight now.
YUKI: Today is November 11th
KAZUKI: Right! Its mine and Harukis birthday!

[KAZUKI stoops down and starts packing snow on the ground.]

YUKI: Kazuki is making something.
HARUKI: Lets go check it out.

[YUKI and HARUKI walk towards KAZUKI, who is grinning mischieviously.]

KAZUKI: Da-da-da-daaah! A snow birthday cake!
YUKI: Lets see Happy birthday Haruki
HARUKI: [laughs] Its well made.
YUKI: All he did was lump the snow into a ball and write your name on it.
KAZUKI: Its the heart that matters, not the gift itself.
HARUKI: Dont worry, Ive ordered a cake that we can actually eat for later. Lets have it during todays lunch.
YUKI: Looking forward to that!
KAZUKI: All right! I love you, Haruki! The three of us will get together to have cake next year, and then the year after that, okay?
YUKI: You just turned sixteen and youre thinking about next year already? Youre moving too fast.
HARUKI: [laughs] Okay. Lets celebrate together next year and the year after that.
YUKI: Geez, not you, too, Haruki
HARUKI: Come on, its time we headed home. Im sure its your families who are worried about you this time. Here Kazuki, give me your hand.

[HARUKI pulls KAZUKI back up.]

KAZUKI: Thanks.
HARUKI: I should be the one thanking you.
KAZUKI: Really?

[All three of them start walking back home.]

KAZUKI: Hey, about that cake, is it a full sized one?
HARUKI: Thats right.
YUKI: I wonder if all three of us will be able to finish it
HARUKI: By the way, Yuki, would you be able to get the cake for me?
YUKI: Oh, sure! Im totally cool with that.
KAZUKI: Im going, too!
YUKI: You just want an excuse to leave school.
KAZUKI: And youre wrong! Im totally not thinking that I want to hang out at the arcades or anything!
YUKI: See, I knew it! Your chances of coming with me are looking slimmer by the minute!
KAZUKI: Im going and you cant stop me! And I think Ill go to the arcades after all!
YUKI: Hey, Haruki, give him some stern words or something!
HARUKI: Honestly

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